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Affective Solutions For B2B Payments

The difficulty of business to business payments present many challenges for those in the B2B space. The process can be very expensive and fraud is commonplace.  PayHarmony works very closely with its B2B customers to ensure they get the most efficient payment solutions at the most affordable rates possible. The priority of our team is to assist our customers in lowering their costs and also in keeping their data protected.


Contact PayHarmony for an entirely FREE analysis of your present processing solution or to get started if there is not currently one in place. PayHarmony can develop a comprehensive custom solution to improve efficiency and to possible reduce your rates. 

Cash Flow & Receivable and Cost of B2B Payment Solutions


The most common challenge for B2B business payments is getting paid on time. Most of the B2B business owners that we have spoken to are currently experiencing this problem. Many B2B merchants have noticed that a majority of their customers prefer to make payments by credit card. However, high fees create an obstacle for credit card processing. PayHarmony can help minimize this obstacle with very competitive rates.


PayHarmony can help in teaching you how to lower your rates

Level 2 and 3 Processing

The majority of B2B business owners are not familiar with the terms Level 2 and 3 Processing. Level 2 and 3 Processing is a top tier solution used to assist companies in tracking and monitoring expenditures by collecting additional line-item details. The additional data helps reduced interchange rates for MasterCard and Visa transactions. PayHarmony can consult B2B business on which fields are required for this additional data. Many merchants have reported seeing an interchange reduction of up to 20% to 40% off the normal rates.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)


Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments are the electronic version of paper check payments. Despite the stigma associated with paper check payments, the ACH method is actually becoming more popular . The main reason for this growth is that ACH payments offer lower rates than credit card payments. Additionally, ACH payments are more secure than paper checks.


With ACH same-day payments, merchants can now get paid faster than ever. PayHarmony’s virtual terminal solutions allow you to accept payments from any device with an Internet connection.



Every B2B merchant is aware of the potential for fraud and that is a continually growing threat. Many merchants are still using outdated and unsecure methords of receiving payments, which greatly increased the risk for fraud.  Fraud can cost business owners time, money, and jeopardize the status of their merchant account.


How Can PayHarmony Protect Your Business From Fraud?


This is the process of replacing sensitive data with unique identifier symbols. These symbols retain all of the original data of the transaction and maintain security. This data is securely stored on PayHarmony servers using complete PCI compliance protocols and beyond. Once you have obtained your customers data, you can then setup recurring payments, report transaction history, send invoices, and other operations.

Fraud Protection

Financial fraudsters often test stolen credit card or numbers before making major purchases. This costs merchants billions of dollars each year in fees and losses. Our high-level rules-based fraud tools is highly effective in detecting such activity and preventing major loss.

Dual Factor Authentication

This added layer of security requires employees who authorize transactions to enter a unique security code that is received via test or email before funds are released. Dual-Factor Authentication is crucial in maintaining the security of ACH payments.



B2B are more complex than other forms of payment. This complexity often causes confusion among merchants as to the best method of collecting payments. PayHarmony’s payment processing experts are here to take the complexity and confusion out of your B2B payment process.

ERP Software Connectivity

Integration is the key to any payment processing solution. PayHarmony allows our customers to connect to various types of business management software which provides efficiency, automation, and overall cost savings.

Secure Data Vault

Once you process a payment with a customer, their data is securely stored in our data vault. Once you have obtained this data, you can setup recurring payments, send invoices, and many other payment related tasks.

Open API

Our Open API allows true flexibility for any custom application our customers may require. Contact Us for any questions regarding our Open API.

Computer-generated Terminal

PayHarmony’s Virtual Terminal offers more flexibility for accepting payments. Merchants can customize required fields, collect line-item information, and more. All required data is collected from your customer which is stored in the secure vault.

ERP Software Connectivity

Our B2B payment solutions also allow customers to connect with the popular accounting and business software, Quickbooks.

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